Monday, March 19, 2012

Rupture of the uterus

Very serious, but also a rare condition that can improve immediately after a cesarean delivery performed, followed by a surgical procedure on the uterus.

Rupture of the uterus occurs when weakened spot on the wall of the uterus - almost always the same one that had been already performed operations such as caesarean section or removal of the tumor fibroidnog - burst due to strain and pressure which is the same exposure during pregnancy.
Fortunately, the rupture does not occur often. Average of five per thousand pregnancies.

Who is most vulnerable to risk? Each woman had a caesarean section or surgery on the uterus because the place of the scar can weaken and break it. However, the most exposed to risk are those who attempt vaginal child birth after cesarean, and delivery is caused by certain drugs. If there was a problem with the placenta, and thus may influence the firing of the uterus.

What are the symptoms? Abdominal pain (feeling as if something breaks) followed by diffuse pain in childbirth are the most common symptoms.

Should I be worried? Rupture of the uterus can cause uncontrolled bleeding in the stomach or, rarely, the entry of the placenta or the baby's stomach.

What can you do? If you had a cesarean section or other surgery after he left a scar on the uterus, think very carefully when making decisions about how you will deliver, in particular, take into consideration vaginal delivery. Talk to your doctor about that prostaglandins do not give Smajo women who had an operation on the uterus.

If you have a ruptured uterus, you will immediately perform a caesarean section, and then repair the damage. It may give you antibiotics to prevent infection.

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