Friday, March 16, 2012

Results in infertility

All things in life you put into place, only more so wait for the desired child. Some people just at that moment to help, because it turns out that pregnancy is not quite as "mission possible". What then? How to start? On the search should be on, and that it?


The basic diagnostic evaluation of male partners is carried out in selected general practitioners / family physicians, who will if necessary refer you to a urologist for further processing, a primary female partner diagnostic work is performed in selected gynecologist at the health center. If necessary, will be followed by further, an invasive diagnostic procedure in the hospital.

If we exclude male infertility (normal findings Spermiogram), which are the most common causes of female infertility?
• a chronic lack of ovulation, ovulation, or too rare
(Diagnosis based on the analysis of hormones and ultrasound monitoring of folliculogenesis safest, ie. Monitoring ovarian function)
• Disturbance in the way of sex cells, the transport of the fertilized egg to implant placement and interference of implantation of a fertilized egg
(Usually a blockage or reduced tubal patency, a diagnosis is invasive techniques - HSG, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and other techniques)
• adverse microbiological characteristics of fertilization times
(Referring to the inflammatory processes in some of the time of fertilization, which can be explored by sending the microbiological analysis of samples from the vagina is the cervix, if necessary, from the inner part of the body of the uterus)
• unexplained infertility
(In some cases, all of the search routine as normal, a pregnancy does not come up. These are called. Idiopathic cases of infertility or unexplained infertility, when they can spend more highly sophisticated diagnostic tests or procedures can be done in vitro fertilization, as the first method assisted reproduction).

The goal of treatment - Pregnancy
After completion of diagnostic work, starting with the treatment.
The goal of treatment is to achieve a pregnancy, which will flow properly and end up living and the birth of a healthy child.
The success of each procedure of assisted reproduction apply various statistical methods that take into account many parameters, eg. duration of infertility, age of woman, motivated, adherence to guidelines gynecologists, etc..
Generally speaking, after a few (about six) failed procedures a method resorted to another, and to a certain age (and with some other circumstances), it immediately begins to IVF.
Everything is first interested you in selected gynecological clinics, where you will also monitor the pregnancy.

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