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Psychophysical preparation of pregnant women

Mental and physical preparation is very much suited for pregnant women. Thanks to well-organized exercise, a growing number of expectant mothers leave the maternity ward is ready for delivery.

Except for the acquisition of fitness and muscle strengthening, these preparations are important because they heard on a number of valuable tips and receive information about what is happening in the body of pregnant women from conception, and what is expected in the hospital.
"Pregnant women in this way prepared for all the mental and physical demands of pregnancy and childbirth carry," says Svetlana Djordjevic from an expert team of the Clinic "Narodni Front", which for the sixth year leading psychophysical preparation for childbirth.

How are pregnant women prepare for childbirth?
Carefully chosen, easy, many times repeated the exercises are aimed at that group of muscles that a pregnant woman need during pregnancy. In preparation for childbirth, the mother learned: that the whole body involved in that act, it is necessary to her in the first stage of labor the muscles are relaxed, the second stage of labor she mind controls your muscles ... All the while preparing to adopt so well, instead of the spasm and the fear of childbirth as something unknown, pregnant women in maternity ranges relaxed and ready to cooperate with the obstetrician.

Why are exercises important?
Pregnant women in the preparations obtained very important information: where to go at birth, or the way in which nature informs that in labor, learn to recognize contractions and what it means when the water breaks, to distinguish between clear and green amniotic fluid, ie. to know how to react if the water is green fruits that are not afraid when you see mucus plug in your underwear, you can immediately tell your doctor if bleeding occurs, learn to recognize critical situations ...
- The basis of preparation for childbirth is a relaxation, it is a lesson that is taught at all times exercises.Breathing techniques, important in labor, just go to relax, so that pregnant women can use the first and second type of breathing, and in the interim phase of the third type. Exercise program is organized so that pregnant women are two or three times a week, depending on the age of pregnancy. Exercise lasting three hours. In the first hour of work conditional exercises, tailored to the specific state of women, related to the strengthening of the muscles of the lower extremities, and abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, neck and back. In addition, the windows and some of the breathing exercises.

What all future mothers to learn about the preparations?
The story of the pregnant women are continuing as they are repeated every time you need to go to the maternity hospital, what to take (not enough health care card), and what to expect in hospital: receiving, through hygienic preparation, to enter delivery room. Students are also informed about the examinations that they expect, contractions (how to recognize them and how to overcome them). Why are contractions in the preparation pays full attention, says our interlocutor Svetlana Djordjevic.
- These women most likely to cause fear, which is natural, because each is afraid of pain. In the meantime appeared epidural, a woman who gives birth to the comfort of the table, but still a large number of pregnant women still decide to give birth without epidurala. The contractions were, by force of natural birth, not a penalty and an attack on a woman's body! Arise when the nature of the decision, because the hormones that are secreted at the time. When it knows our pregnant women, the contractions are demystifying, no longer a mystery. Therefore, the mother learned that during the contraction to relax the muscles so that the baby was well supplied with oxygen. And that is what is most important "take" with the preparations. After all, the ability to learn relaxation, it is not easy.
It is very important and a good awareness of exertion, which is a natural action. This can not be anyone to learn, but why inform future mothers is important at a time well-tensioning. First of all, to the prevention of birth trauma for both mother and child, birth crown.

Contractions - to alleviate pain
- Uterine muscle is made up of smooth muscle, a contraction of the mechanical work. For his work, the uterus is spent glycogen (a type of sugar, important for metabolism). During the breakdown, if there is enough oxygen, lactic acid is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, a contraction is easily tolerated. If a woman during contractions dejected, it activates all the muscles (and cross-striped), which then consume a large amount of oxygen. At this point, the uterus does not have enough oxygen for the degradation of lactic acid. If there is an accumulation of its contraction becomes painful cramp.
What helps the best time? Relaxation, which allows women to relax muscles and large muscles that do not consume oxygen, but it is moving toward uterine muscle and the baby. Women in those moments, above all need to think about his baby, which goes much harder time than she. Because the mother in the hospital may receive and Bensedin (tranquilizers), and Buscopan (relaxation of smooth muscle), and epidural. What gets your baby?What a baby during childbirth, except for his mother?
We stroked nine months of the stomach, talking baby, Daddy loves belly ... And what of those few hours in the hospital? Between contractions to pamper your stomach, turn to the baby, give support - to feel that welcome her to make it easier to be born!

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