Sunday, March 11, 2012

Preparing for pregnancy

The peak of female fertility is between 20 and 24 year, but fertility remains relatively stable until the early thirties. In women aged 35 to 39 years, fertility decreases and is 25 to 50 percent and between 40 and 45, fertility decreases and by 95 percent.

There is a higher risk of birth of a child with low birth weight, premature births, birth of a child with chromosomal abnormalities, such as Down syndrome and other complications. However, women in their thirties, good health and good shape are likely to have a healthy and normal pregnancy.However, there are some things that you, regardless of age, you should do before pregnancy.

• Inherited Disease. Before pregnancy it is important to check for in your partner's family or hereditary disease, because it is possible to inherit a child and it is best to consult a doctor before conceiving.

• A blood test is also important before conception do blood tests to eliminate the occurrence of diseases such as rubella, which can seriously harm a child's health and development. If you are not immune to rubella, your doctor may be vaccinated.

• Chronic Disease If you have any chronic disease like diabetes, high blood pressure or epilepsy, consult prior to pregnancy. Many health care providers may wish to change therapy because the drugs you are taking may cause harm to the child or hinder the possibility of conception.

• birth control pills if you are taking the contraceptive pill is best to wait until you pass the third period of the last cycle in which you are taking hormonal contraception, and then try to get pregnant.

• Position you and your partner doing a job that involves working with chemicals, lead, anesthetic or X-ray radiation, it can reduce the chances of conception, or be detrimental to the child. Razgovorajte with your doctor. You may want to soon move to less dangerous position. Planning pregnancy can be a great incentive zan stop smoking and enjoying alcoholic beverages. Smoking and drinking alcohol adversely affect fertility and can harm the baby.

• Body weight is also advisable that your weight according to your height, a good and varied diet with more fresh foods, good physical shape and contribute to the health of your child.

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