Sunday, March 11, 2012

Prepare clothes from maternity leave

Occupied a large preparations and the constant fear "that everything is all right," 90 percent of future mother does not think about what will come later, when labor pains become a thing of the past.

The first picture with the baby
Well, we should not panic. Step by step. The first step is, believe it or not, directly related to the wardrobe. Although completely insane with fashion when you are on your mind more and more important issues, your first picture with the baby to watch and keep it for life. Since you never know when the baby will be ready to see the light on, need to prepare clothes for the time to leave the hospital.

Choose your own clothes
Most pregnant women will be sure to wear what makes her arrival in the maternity ward. Sounds reasonable, does not it? But even if you ignore the solemnity of the act, in some maternity clothes to mothers, along with footwear, handing him who was accompanied. This is usually bewildered husband, who will be the first opportunity to forget. Prevent a situation where you choose clothes for her husband to leave the hospital, and at the time of preparation desired combination.
When you choose to pay attention to the weather (during pregnancy does not change just your figure but also the seasons), the size of clothes and, of course, aesthetics.

If your delivery date at the turn of two seasons, when the weather is tricky, you must keep in mind that clothing is layered and you can easily get rid of excess. After giving birth, and you will be more sensitive and "deceptive."Hormones raging, and hour you can be hot, now cold. Additional stress, as well as sweating or cooling, you are not required. If you are happy and calm, and your baby will be.

Day to Remember
Note that the stomach does not disappear after the birth of my own. This takes time and patience. So even if you add to your weight only "baby weight" does not mean that you will immediately be able to insert into your favorite jeans. Let it be something more comfortable clothes - where you will, primarily, to feel good and then you look good. Be this, important day for you - nice, neat and trim. 

At a time when no other feeling will not be able to override the irresistible joy, which will simply shines on your face - because of the pregnancy ended successfully, all the worries fall into shadow. These are moments that are remembered, and which are in my thoughts always go back to when we are sad or worried. So let this moment is perfect in every way.

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