Friday, March 30, 2012

Planning pregnancy

During pregnancy, just as in life, some things are beyond our control. However, planning a healthy pregnancy and a healthy lifestyle reduces your risk of any complications

First Go to the doctor together with your partner
Although we put this in the first place, it probably will not do. However, out to the most normal occurrence. The couple that is planning to have a child first goes to a family doctor or call the gynecologist to the first assumption is considered a healthy pregnancy. The doctor performed a complete physical search (similar to a systematic review) - from blood tests to immunity. With your doctor should talk about diseases that you get over you and partner. Also, if you suffer from diabetes, asthma or high blood pressure, you have to give a warning. People with high blood pressure before pregnancy may be subjected to therapy to normalize blood pressure, and during pregnancy, it often must be controlled. If you take some medications or herbal preparations, be sure to mention to the doctor because it may affect fetal growth and development. Family history of diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes often are hereditary, and if someone close to you very blood relatives suffering from a serious illness, and your child may inherit the tendency. With this kind of conversation with the doctor you doubt the easiest to isolate.

Second Start Training
Pregnancy is a condition in which you lie and lie motionless to nine months to bring the world a healthier diet.On the contrary - scroll, the more you feel the fresh air and - exercise. At home, with the ball, the type of yoga class or specially organized exercise for pregnant women. Exercise before and during pregnancy brings many benefits - lower back pain and less painful delivery. A less accumulated weight, which, let's be real, and not as irrelevant. Exercise will improve fitness, reduce stress and help to deal with potential health problems. If you already exercise, in pregnancy, you will enjoy the benefits of that.

Third Think about past pregnancies
Some problems specific to pregnancy such as high blood pressure and diabetes are more common in older women (over 35). Previous pregnancy are equally good landmark. If you have any problem, your gynecologist will know how to manage pregnancy and what to watch. It would be ideal if you agree with the management of pregnancy doctor who led the previous one.

4th Live a healthier, take a cigarette
If you have been chosen several times, tried and given up, now is the time to quit. If you had a good reason - now you have it. And better than all previous combined. Planning a healthy pregnancy and a healthy lifestyle reduces your risk of any complications, your health and your child. In addition, smoking decreases the possibility of conception, reduces sperm count in men. Women who smoke during pregnancy give birth to babies with lower birth weight of smoking women, and these babies can have developmental problems. Also, pregnant women who smoke there was a high percentage of pregnancies izvanmaterničnih. It would be good for both partners to quit smoking because secondhand smoke can cause slow growth and fetal development and birth of babies with low birth weight. These babies often suffer from low blood pressure and hypothermia. Low birth weight increases the risk of cerebral palsy and various physical and mental retardation.

5th Stay away from alcohol
Avoid alcohol. No amount of alcohol has not been proven as safe for consumption during pregnancy.Specifically, alcohol during pregnancy can cause a number of anomalies in early pregnancy. Also, alcohol can reduce the chances of conception and increased risk of miscarriage. In extreme cases, excessive drinking of alcohol can result in fetal alcohol syndrome. Babies born with this condition usually have a few problems - mental retardation, learning problems and behavioral problems. And men should solve your problem with alcohol, which reduces sperm count and causes numerous diseases.

6th Eat a healthy and diverse
Food should be varied, for all that enter the body consumes your baby. Are you taking too many or too few calories of various foods, all this will affect the developing fetus, and in some cases can lead to short-term or long-term heart problems.

7th Vitaminizirajte the
If you are not getting enough iron, calcium and other important vitamins in the body and eat irregularly, you must bring order to your diet. Reduce intake of sugar, caffeine and replace them with vegetables, fruits and fibrous foods. If you want punašniji and lose weight, be sure to do this before, not during pregnancy.

8th Drink folic acid
Start taking folic acid, the minute you decide to have a baby, not when you get pregnant. Begin, therefore, take a vitamin containing at least 400 milligrams of folic acid. Studies suggest that folic acid prevents neural abnormalities such as Failure to develop the spine (spina bifida).

9th Sort out finances
This is especially true for our situation. Although the government delimitiranih mouth full maternity benefits, if by chance due to complications in pregnancy have on sick leave and earn more than the national average - again, you diskrimirani, as you will in this case the Pension Fund as compensation for sick leave pay out a maximum of 4257 kuna. And while you argue that you are entitled to 100 per cent salary compensation. In our conditions, sick leave due to complications in pregnancy is not the same as other sick leave - and you, if God forbid you break your leg, get 90 percent of their salary, and if you are pregnant - than the above amount. A halved income automatically means the decline of living standards, the abolition of the bank overdraft, blacklists, problems with repayment of loans ... Unfortunately, about all that needs to think ahead.

10th Relax
Although many couples delaying pregnancy believing that when the time comes everything will go easily. In most cases it is so, but still a lot of those who complain that they do not go right now as to when they want and when they all coincide. Relax. There is nothing in the spasm of good work under pressure.

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