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Physiology of pregnancy

Pregnancy occurs when the egg is a woman that was fertilized with male sperm station (sperm) implant in the lining of the uterus.

Development of a fertilized egg - the FRUIT. A fertilized egg divides and furrow on smaller cells to form clusters of cells, such as blackberry fruit. At this stage of development the embryo is so small that it can not be seen with the naked eye. In the further development of the superficial cells develop fringes of the entire surface of the fruit. Later fringes are declining, and the denuded portion of the egg membranes plodnji arise. Fringes remain on the part of the egg directly fitting to the wall of the uterus and from the developing placenta. The placenta is made up of numerous villi, the villi. All placental villi contain vessels through which blood circuit asleep. Villi as tiny roots immersed in the uterine wall and the blood of the mother. Although bloodstream asleep completely separated from the mother's bloodstream, in the two placental circulation in very close contact, and the placenta is the work of the respiratory and digestive asleep. Child through the placenta gets oxygen and nutrients to build, and secretes a substance breaks down into her bloodstream. Placenta during pregnancy and acts as a gland of internal secretion, ie. produces sex hormones. Offspring resulting from the stations located in the central part of the embryo after cleavage of a fertilized egg.

Later, the child is in that line the cavity of the fruits of this, a fetus that is filled with water. Child to "swim" in the amniotic fluid is well protected from external attack, using a cord connected to the placenta, which it supplies the necessary ingredients for development. The child is developing rapidly, so that at the end of the second month of pregnancy is like a man completely. Long is about 4 cm, and it recognizes the head, arms and legs. At the end of the third month of the fruit is about 9 cm long, and all parts of the body developed. At the end of the fourth month the child of a 1 cm long, and at the end of 5 months 25 cm.

Movements were asleep at the time so powerful that his move was a woman who has given birth feel kraje m the fourth month, and those that were first pregnant 15 days later, ie. Four and a half months pregnant. From the fifth month onwards the child grows more slowly, about 5 cm of each month, so before the birth about 50 cm long and difficult 3000 to 3500 grams.

IDENTIFICATION AND SIGNS OF PREGNANCY. In the early months of pregnancy there are no means by which it certainly can be argued that a woman is pregnant. The absence of menstrual periods in women of childbearing age is not sure, but just a very probable sign of pregnancy. Menstruation, in fact, to be made that a woman is not pregnant at all. Sometimes, though rarely, a woman bleeds during the first and second periods expected though she is pregnant. It was bleeding lighter than normal period, but it is very similar. However, changes occur in pregnancy that give rise to doubt it. Given that the same changes may occur in women outside of pregnancy, are just insecure or probable signs of pregnancy. These are: nausea or vomiting in the morning on an empty stomach, and only just changed for individual meals, the appearance of dark brown spots on facial skin, increasing the volume of the stomach, spreading hips, breast changes, which become larger, and jedrije folds, nipples were protruding, and brown HALO is around them becomes darker and wider. Already in early pregnancy in many women perceive the woman character Ch. They become more withdrawn, a completely different reaction to events in their environment than when they are "pregnant". If so, the absence of menstruation, or more uncertain signs of pregnancy, it can certainly be argued that a woman is pregnant. Your doctor may change the number to determine for sure pregnancy in 6. to 7 week of pregnancy. To determine early pregnancy can safely use the laboratory analysis of urine women.

DURATION OF PREGNANCY. Normal pregnancy lasts 280 days, ie. 40 weeks from the date of conception until birth. Age tn.: DNOC is calculated by the moon (lunar) months to last for two days ie 8. only 4 weeks, not months per calendar month. Abortion before 28 week (the seventh lunar month ) is abortion, abortion. The fruit expelled from the uterus during this time a rule is disabled for life.

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