Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nutrition in pregnancy

Lean meat, lean fish, poultry. These meals are important because they supply the body protein.

Fatty meats. The risk of weight gain! Fat mothers have more problems during pregnancy and childbirth than women with normal weight.
CREAM, mayonnaise, chocolate. If pregnant women eat too much of this food, there is likely to gain weight too.Possible consequences: difficulties during pregnancy and childbirth.

COFFEE. According to statistics, strong coffee during pregnancy often leads to reduced weight of the child.

ALCOHOL. Not recommended for any strong drink, but in consultation with a physician, pregnant women should drink one to two glasses of wine a day. If a woman drinks during tmdnoće much alcohol leads to dangerous consequences: behind the growth and mental development of children. Often appear on the face of irregularities, anomalies of the genitals and the heart.

CIGARETTES. Smokers give birth to more children of reduced weight. Dihanju child in the womb can significantly hurt but two cigarettes the mother smoked them. Unborn child mortality in smokers was higher than in the smoking women. Later, the children of mothers who smoke often fall behind their peers in physical growth and school success echo between the ages of seven and eleven years.

Nutrition in pregnancy must be diversified, especially rich in protein, and those in fish, meat, milk, cheese, eggs.It is also important to take sufficient quantities of mineral substances extracted from vegetables, fruits and meat, and vitamins. It is important to limit the table salt, and stop using lard. From fat to take food prepared in the oils, especially of plant origin. Carbohydrates - potatoes, sugar, pasta, should be less common in foods.

The cakes and bread should not be used in large quantities. Venison, canned meat and fish, fatty sausages and salami, and any meat from marinade, ie. of brine, during pregnancy should be expelled from menus. Alcohol and nicotine should be avoided.

WHAT SHOULD BE MORE. Pregnant women should perform moderate work in which he used to before pregnancy, ie. must avoid all the hard work and fatigue. It should not carry heavy loads or perform tasks in which the shakes, which are performed in the crouching position, or who are developing or harmful gases are used in the work of harmful chemicals. If you work tired pregnant woman should discontinue it 6 weeks before delivery, it will establish a physician. However, at this time is to perform light work, as they have to move. Full suspension is recommended only in exceptional cases, which must be under constant medical control. 

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