Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mother did not "blame" for the increase in cesarean sections

The frequency of cesarean delivery in the developed world continues to increase over the past three decades, but new research reveals that the Argentine is not because women are looking for him.

Among the 20,000 women worldwide, only 16 percent said they would prefer to give birth by Caesarean section than in a natural way, the point of the Institute for the clinical effectiveness and health policies in Buenos Aires.

Data is based on the results of 38 studies relating to women in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

The increase in the share of cesarean births, especially in countries with medium or high standard, it is often attributed to the desire to be mothers by family.

In the U.S. the proportion of cesarean deliveries in total 1965th amounted to only 4.5 percent in 2007. was 32.9 percent. However, a much smaller percentage of American women really wanted to be so family - only about 17 percent, they found Dr. Agustina Macon and colleagues who participated in the survey.

In South America, the percentage of women who want to give birth by Caesarean section is slightly higher, reaching nearly a quarter. Researchers have noted that it is interesting that in countries with high levels of standard 22 percent of women preferred a cesarean delivery, and in rich countries, only 12 percent.

Among women who have already had a caesarean section, 29 percent wanted to be so family and the next time, and among those which have previously been like giving birth just ten per cent wanted a caesarean section at the next delivery.
We also have a caesarean section to a greater extent wished for women who have already had more children than those who have not had children (17.5 versus 10 percent).

An example that mothers are not "blame" for the more common C-section are the South American country, where 29 percent of children today are born, and most women are not allowed to decide the manner in which to give birth, says the Argentine team.

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