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The most common problems in pregnancy

Really nasty and unpleasant side of pregnancy by your gynecologist forgot to mention, and friends are silent about it.

Some pregnant women are very charming and simply radiant. Until the evening does not fall asleep and start to snore louder than any man. The fact is that many nelagodnih things can happen to your body - to the strange symptoms of pregnancy, what are your friends because of suppressed shame, and your gynecologist because they have health problems.

WHAT IS THIS WHAT came out of ME?

Symptoms: Sticky white or straw-colored discharge can be constant throughout pregnancy, causing a feeling that you should always clean underwear. Talk to your doctor if the discharge has a foul odor, itches or becomes greenish-yellow, very thick or watery. It may have signs of infection.
Cause: Increased hormones and vaginal blood flow.
What to do: Wear pads and the use daily intimate wipes. Do not use baths or vaginal deodorants as they can cause irritation.

When he smiles TEČEM

Symptoms: You smile, sneeze pee ...
Cause: You drink several liters of fluid a day, you have the additional burden of about ten pounds of the bladder.Very obvious cause.
What to do: go to the bathroom often. Wear pads daily and keep spare underwear with you always. You can try the Kegel exercises to improve muscle tone. When you empty your bladder and pelvic muscles tighten so hold.Relax muscles and re-tighten. Count to twenty. Kegel exercises do five a day, but not all at once.


Symptoms: Bloating and sometimes painful abdominal cramps, frequent need for the release of gases.
Cause: The hoses are beginning to work more slowly during pregnancy due to increased progesterone.
What to do: Theoretically, you should treat constipation and thus to reduce gas and bloating. However, this is not always easy. Make sure the intake of foods that cause flatulence, such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, corn, onions and soft drinks. If the problem persists, contact your doctor.

My nose is clogged, BUT NOT SICK

Symptoms: You feel like you are constantly sick and often blow your nose.
Cause: Increased production of hormones and cause blood to the lining of the nose swells or bleeds.
What to do: Use a saline nasal and drink plenty of fluids. If your nose bleeds do not throw back his head back.Keep your head and squeeze the right nostril until the bleeding stops, usually about five minutes. You can put the ice on the nose and holding a clenched nostril. If bleeding persists, consult a physician.

Sounds like a SAW BY NIGHT

Symptoms: You remember my grandfather as he sounded the night? Duplicate!
Cause: Again, the main culprits of swollen nasal mucous membranes - stuffy nose, forcing you to breathe through the mouth and snore.
What to do: Use saline nose before bed or during the night if necessary. Sleep on your side and support the bag is not to be turned back on. Use an extra pillow, which will also help to relieve heartburn.


Symptoms: Water, water everywhere: under the arm between the legs, the abdomen, down your face and neck ...
Cause: The metabolism of a wild rose in the circulation of your body heats up the skin.
What to do: dress in layers, avoid synthetic fabrics. Drink plenty of fluids and use antiperspirant.

Balim as a baby

Symptoms: Some pregnant women produce excess saliva, three to four liters a day. Bleeding gums is also usual, especially after brushing your teeth. Rarely occur, and growths on the gums, which are called ˝ ˝ antenatal tumors. Do not worry, they are harmless and will disappear after childbirth.
Cause: Hormones cause bleeding gums and has not yet determined the reason for the excessive secretion of saliva.
What to do: Go on, of course, to brush your teeth. Buy a soft brush. Regarding saliva, one option is to spit. You can try to limit the starch in your diet or drinking water with lemon juice.


Symptoms: Dark spots on face, dark line on the abdomen, the spider veins on your arms, chest, neck and face, parts of skin hanging from the breast, armpit or neck.
Cause: Your body produces an excess of melanin, causing dark spots. The excess blood causes spider veins and excess skin is caused by friction, as well as hormones.
What to do: Dark spots and spider veins usually disappear after childbirth, although sometimes they can not completely disappear. You can make up to hide the shortcomings of a dermatologist can remove excess skin if you are uncomfortable.

MY NIPPLES ARE dish size

Symptoms: areola grow darker and beginning to prevail on your chest. Meanwhile, small bumps appear around the nipple.
Cause: Dimming is another example of hyperpigmentation due to hormones, and some even believe that this is a natural way to help your newborn baby find the breast. Small bumps around the nipple are glands that help to be stretched nipple lubricated.
What to do: Do ​​not sunbathe topless as hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure may remain permanent.While your areola will probably always be a little darker than previously, their size will be reduced as soon as you finish breastfeeding.

MY legs look like the Road Map

Symptoms: Enlarged, prominent red or black veins, usually on the legs but may be in the mouth. The hemorrhoids are actually varicose veins of the anus.
Cause: The accumulation of blood in the veins, usually due to pressure from the uterus.
What to do: Do ​​not long to stand, raise your legs when you can avoid them and cross your. Enemas can help alleviate the hemorrhoids, it is advisable Parenting.

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