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Interesting facts about twins

"Congratulations, you get twins!". This sentence probably did not expect to hear at the first ultrasound, but it will certainly change your life.

After the rapture, followed by a number of questions: "Are they identical twins? How will they differ? What will be my labor? "...

Take a deep breath, make a plan and go into the biggest adventure of life. First thing to do is to find "experts" - experienced parents of other twins. If they are not in your area, forums on the Internet are a great way to exchange experiences.It will help you to solve the initial confusion, dispel any fears and realize that life with twins is actually very fun.

Twin pregnancy
Twin pregnancy is in many ways specific. But, in addition to the usual issues of concern to all pregnant women, future mothers of twins usually interested in whether it will be able to follow the movements of both the baby and when to expect delivery. Women can generally feel that every baby is moving, they can even tell when one of the baby sleeps. After 24 weeks, the baby will remain on one side, and then can be determined and in what position they are. Two babies, two times more amniotic fluid, increased pressure on the cervix ... are just some of the factors that affect the majority of twins born between 35 and 37 weeks of pregnancy. (Read about: What you should know about twin pregnancy?)

Babies are born
The birth of a baby is an unforgettable feeling, and you sleep on the chest, two new life! You have every right to be very proud. Keep this in mind in the days after his return home, as you will at first be difficult to secure.(Read about: Room for twins)

How to avoid utter confusion?
 Provide all-day support to be able to dedicate babies. Breastfeeding is an absolute priority and nothing should interfere with you in this action. (Read about: Care of twins)
 Stock up on diapers and wet wipes - may you always be at hand.
 Buy a good chair or borrow them. On the market there are two types of twins stroller:
Baby-sit facing each other
Baby-sitting side by side.
Consult with an experienced parents before you decide which stroller to purchase.
 Sleep when the babies sleep. This figure as an obligation, not a "luxury." Only if you're rested, you can give babies what they need.
 If you feel that you can not take it anymore, remember that everything is temporary. Babies grow, it will soon settle to sleep. It will be better and easier when you start to go out, and every day you are closer to establishing a routine.

Encourage individuality
Is known to all parents feel that children are growing fast. You have this wonderful privilege to observe how the two little beings that were created at the same time in you and that you were born together, develop in two independent personalities. Although many parents of twins, it is not easy, all experts agree that children should be encouraged individuality.

Spend time with each child individually. Go for walks, playgrounds, theater. Thus, each child will create their own experience, and will be happy as a couple of hours a parent to yourself. Be sure to photograph in these circumstances. Besides the common album, each of the twins make one which will be only his photos. This will mean that many children when growing.

Help them to create friends
Avoid dress identical twins and talking to them in the plural. It would be best to have names that are completely different. For example, if your boys are called Darko and Marko - many people are going to happen to them incorrectly addressed, including you.

Organize their individual activities. Encourage them to form friendships with different friends. Determine the days when a child go to the second game, while another child will allow you to bring your little friend with you.

 One of the 80 twin pregnancies.
 Number of identical twins is pretty steady throughout the world and is 3.5 per 1,000 births. However, the number of fraternal twins who were born from spontaneous pregnancy varies from three per 1,000 children in East Asia, to 40 per 1,000 live births in Nigeria. This survey does not cover assisted pregnancy, when the results are significantly increased.
 Older women often give birth to twins.
 In the world there are more twins than twins, but these statistics will change in favor of girls in terms of triples.
 15 to 17 percent of twin births is the result of assisted pregnancies.
 Only 14 percent of women who carry twins to the family after the 37th weeks of pregnancy.
 22 percent of twins is left-handed, unlike the rest of the population, in which the left hand uses 10 percent more people.
 The longest life had twins Alice Lindsay Smith (1893-2004) and Eugenia Smith Collins (1893-1998) from Australia. The two have lived a total of 216 years and nine months.
 The youngest mother who gave birth to twins living in Brazil. She was only 11 when in 2000. gave birth to two boys.
 13 years was James Sutton from England when in 1999. The twins got. James is officially the youngest father of twins, and still with their mother, who at birth was 17 years.
 Omkar Panvar from India's oldest mother of twins. She was 70 years old when on 27 June 2008. gave birth to a boy and a girl.

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