Monday, March 19, 2012

Ideal weight in pregnancy

Mothers who get more than they should run the risk of pregnancy complications and problems after childbirth. If the hunger is too great, it's better to eat a piece of fruit


If you had a normal pre-pregnancy weight, pregnancy should not receive more than 12 pounds. They will, after delivery, easy to lose and so restore the old line. If you are entering pregnancy as a skinny, then you can ugojite up to 16 kg, but if you were overweight, try to not get pregnant during more than 10 kg.

Why is it important to take into account the weight before and during pregnancy? Are you gained weight during pregnancy more than 12 pounds, the body will begin to accumulate fat and liquid, and this can lead to complications of pregnancy or to cause problems after childbirth. Research shows that obese women tend to the birth of babies with congenital heart defects and other abnormalities, from those of ideal weight. Also, plump pregnant women have a higher risk of getting diabetes, high blood pressure, possible delivery by Caesarean section and bleeding ...

At the beginning of pregnancy does not get much weight on average in the first three months of the word is only about a kilogram or two. Some pregnant women, because of frequent morning sickness, during this period may even lose weight. In the second trimester, the mother gets five or six pounds, of which one goes to the baby in the third quarter, four or five pounds, but keep in mind that the baby was already a difficult two and a half to three and a half pounds. Before birth weight usually stops growing, and some pregnant women and even then they lose some pounds.

Do not get more weight than is recommended, when you feel hungry, you think that you actually feel the need for fluid, because you are dehydrated due to hormonal imbalances. If, however, really comes to hunger, it is better to eat a piece of fruit or drink fruit blended.

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