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How to have a less painful childbirth?

Now we move on to exercises that you recommend to apply them during pregnancy if your doctor is not generally prohibit the exercise of specific reasons.

Sit cross-legged in the Turkish manner, relying go to the wall. In addition to the lower back and the cross points in the wall, while the shoulders, neck and head more freely over the front and not touching the wall. Relax all the joints loose and relaxed place hands on knees, ankles and feet while completely relax. Feel free to breathe and let the rhythm of breathing. In the upright position of the spine lower back and abdomen, use of breathing so that when the breath beyond a gasp in the slip. In this way, let your breathing just sielu the bottom of the hull. Extra exercise. Thumbs lie under the chin, while the tops of the index finger on the inhale lean against the nostrils, where it seems a short break in her Disan after full inhalation, which proceed at their own pace. While you play with your fingertips lightly pressed your nose and let the air coming through them a bit.

Blood flow in the legs and feet (veins). Now give his legs, and then make a loose knees so your feet outstretched leg circular motion. The foot of the fingers facing the knee increases the tendency to cramps in the list, so it is good if your feet get used to relax the feet. It is good to do these exercises with your fingers rolling the legs and top of foot ball or a bottle.

EXERCISE pelvic floor. Sit comfortably and relaxed, prislonj women head and upper back against the wall, so that you stretched your legs crossed one over the other j and you concentrate on the pelvic floor muscles, with spasms and relax the muscles and Skog external genitalia, perineum and anus. Breathe freely bulge itself. After a brief stop at the top of breaths, while the muscles squeeze the vulva, anus and sjednih muscle. Then after dropping breath freely and relax muscles. Repeat this exercise 4-5 times. When you accepted sense of the pelvic floor muscles, release them more and more, and in this way, the more it will approach the day of delivery, to achieve the pelvic floor muscles are completely relaxed, so you can strain them after delivery and exercise to strengthen again.

EXERCISES FOR VEINS pelvic floor and are very helpful. Really oteretite vein, should well learn the exercises to relax the pelvic floor uskulature m, because the large veins in pregnancy at the point where it enters the pelvis grip spasmodic contraction of muscles, and blood is more difficult circuits. Lie on your back relaxed, and raise both legs high on the wall. Cross must be upon the ground, the pelvis is free and relaxed, and breathe freely too.Then after a short breaths do fine, and then at the break, after you dropped your breath, a fifth leg stružući slowly along the wall down the wall, until the moment when the maximum CPC raskrečene legs and pelvis completely relaxed. In this position, breathe freely 2-3 times. Since you dropped your breath, the pause before inhaling again, slowly slide your back foot up against the wall, then vj ežbajte also the other leg. Squat in the supine position is performed so that, resting on the back trunk, attract one knee to your chest and extend your other leg to the height of the wall. The alternate work to the extent feet. Finally, pull your knees toward your chest wide and stands back, knees drawing near each other, and then move away to the side. This is a useful exercise in preparation for delivery no more time - the time of the expulsion of the fetus. And in that position for some time, use quiet breathing. Head, neck, shoulders and back relaxed hold.

KNEE POSITION. Oterećivanje pelvic floor and back: the knee move slightly to the side, so that the thighs and calves at a sharp angle. Butt is tight up until the head is lowered to the floor with remote hands forward in a relaxed position with the head rests, is leaning to one hour, the hour hand to the other. In this way the rest of the cross and large blood vessels that pass through the abdominal cavity and are overburdened with the increased pressure of the uterus. In this position should relax and at the same time, relaxed pelvic floor muscles to breathe calmly. Then from that position to place the palms of the hands on his knees and staring izboči and more up back section of the spine. The moment you drop the air down to the soft undulating movement at the elbow again. Vj ežbu repeat this 3-4 times. Set in a kneeling position on his knees, leaning on his hands, and every breath lift the head and neck as much up and down the exhale in a relaxed head position to the floor. From the same position now turn your head and neck, the worm feed, and one to the other side, right and left. Then start by running the "all four", with occasional runs and due exercise of the spine, one hand after another until the head of history forward.

Position on the back. It is understandable that you may very well sit back in that position where you will help a good roller set on a pillow under your knees. You can also lie on the floor, a relaxed leg lay on the couch, in which the position start to relax and stretch as a wake-up in the morning. Upright posture is very useful during pregnancy and after childbirth. Changes that often occur in relation to posture in pregnancy comes just in the best position to play. Here we see the right, and bad posture that leads to fatigue, even to lasting change becomes the spine. Practice proper posture and walking freely elastically relaxed in the fresh air.

Include the bottom of the hands of a tummy, glutes and inflates again, down the arms and the muscles several times a row. Now let your arms hang and straighten up and hold the neck upright, while the shoulders are completely relaxed back. Highly flexible lifting knees come up a few steps back and forth, with reverse swing arm of the elastic leg making steps.

CHEST EXERCISES. There is also a useful exercise in pregnancy breasts that especially thrive. Recommended we hear little specialized vidual ežbu vj for each day: hands folded on each other, press 15-20 times with all his might, as if you want to try to strengthen the arm. This exercise will greatly strengthen the muscles that support the breasts in an upright position. All exercises are described and the values ​​achieved the desired effect only if used regularly every day for the last 3-4 months of a pregnancy.

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