Friday, March 16, 2012

How to get twins?

The world is fascinated with babies that come in pairs. Love for the twins is always known in history. In recent years there are more twins.

How can you increase your chance to get twins?

People want to twins of different reasons. Some want two children, and thus finish the job once ˝ ˝. Others enjoy the idea of ​​twins. There are those who have trouble conceiving so they are delighted that more children will have a more does not have to go to expensive and painful treatment. Here are some answers, which of course does not guarantee success, how to increase chances of twins.

EAT JAM (sweet potatoes)

There are certain people who have more than others blilzanaca. One of them is a tribe that eats a lot of pits (sweet potato). There is a theory that certain chemicals it contains helps women to have twins.

Become pregnant while breastfeeding

Recent studies have shown that if you become pregnant again while breast-feeding have a higher chance for twins. The explanation is that lack of calcium in your body while you are breastfeeding affects the egg during ovulation and conception.


The older you are at the moment of conception, the more likely that you will give birth to twins. The reason is perhaps more povćana ovulation oocytes, leading to a twin pregnancy.


If you are a twin, have a higher chance of twins. Unfortunately, this can not influence.


If in your family, especially the mother's side, there are twins, have a greater chance of them and you have one.These are more identical than fraternal twins. The reason is the genetic predisposition to ovulate more eggs.


Some women take drugs that enhance fertility and thus the greater the chance for twins because they promote the reproduction of eggs in ovulation. However, since the risk of these drugs are recommended for those women who have trouble conceiving.

Artificial insemination

Artificial insemination is recommended only for those families that the only way to conception. In vitro fertilization increases the chance of twins, triplets ... The possibility of fraternal and identical twins in this case, equal, according to

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