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How are the twins?

People have always been delighted with the appearance of the twins. Simply, it seems amazing how a pregnancy can result in the birth of more than one child.

In recent years, the twins are on the rise. One of the main reasons is the growing use of fertility drugs, and artificial insemination.

How are?
Gemini can "appear" in two ways. In one third of cases, is just one fertilized egg, which later developed into two separate cells. Each cell grows into a single fetus, resulting in identical twins. The other two thirds of cases, ovulation occurs at two release an egg, which spawn two different sperm, and that is how the non-identical twins.
Fraternal twins or dizigotni are no different than any other brothers or sisters. They were conceived at the same time or immediately after one another, within a single menstrual cycle. So, theoretically speaking, non-identical twins can have different fathers. These twins share, on average, only half their genes, and may be very similar, but quite different.

The reason?
There is only reason why there is this type of twin pregnancy, but there are several factors that are associated with it:
 Racial affiliation: Twins are very common among Nigerians, a very rare among the Japanese.
 Family history of maternal: paternal contribution is less probable.
 Age: women in their late thirties more often give birth to twins.
 If a woman already has children: the probability increases with the number of children you have.

Identical twins - identical or monozygotic, occur when, for unknown reasons, the fertilized egg split during the first 14 days, and each twin gets the same genetic "image". Recently, it was observed that identical twins are born when the mother is receiving medication to stimulate ovulation. This treatment provides a greater likelihood that the outer layer of the egg split.
Siamese twins are identical twins in which there was no complete separation during early fetal development, so they can share body parts or organs. Encountered are extremely rare, one in 200 thousand births, and usually it happens in India and Africa. The exact cause of these twins is not known, but it is assumed that a separation of the zygote occurs only after 13 days of conception.

Will it be identical?
You may have to wait until birth, or even that your twins reach the age of one year, to discover whether identical. The simplest indicator of whether they are identical is the most obvious. If the opposite sex, are certainly not identical. If you learn to carry twins before 12 week (later finding is unreliable), ask your gynecologist to check the placenta. One placenta refers only to identical twins. Two placentas were unreliable - can be both identical and fraternal.
After the birth of children, the response may provide the placenta. If the one in question are identical twins. But the two connected or separate placentas again could mean both. After birth, may be taken from umbilical cord blood and analyzing blood type, or enzymes, the most reliable - DNA. However, these analyzes are not available everywhere, and you have to pay for them.
Finally, how your same-sex twins are growing up, it will be fairly reliable indicators of hair and eye color, ear shape, and when their teeth erupt.

What is a twin pregnancy is different?
The first signs that a child wear two (or more) could be nausea and severity of pregnancy increases the speed at which your stomach. The first reliable sign of the ultrasound, usually available at the end of the second month.The body will be changed as it is for all pregnant women, but you can expect some inconveniences pregnancy are more pronounced, as you will have a greater need for two babies that are being developed. However, there is no need to eat for three, even for two. In any case, you must pay attention to healthy eating, and it is best to consult a nutritionist.
No matter what the intensity of your activity, rest is very important. Light exercise such as swimming or walking can be extremely useful. Smoking reduces the supply of oxygen to the baby and increases the already very high risk of premature birth and low birth weight.
The last three months, twins are especially grueling, so you would need to stop working about 29 week. Since the average twin pregnancy lasts about 37 weeks, be sure to sign up for the earlier psychophysical preparation for pregnant women and the school of parenting - how you manage to finish them.

What problems can you expect?
Many common problems of pregnancy can occur before, in a rather stronger form. Nausea can be quite pronounced because of higher concentrations of the hormone. Heartburn, indigestion and frequent need to urinate - are becoming much more pronounced in proportion to the growth of the uterus, the pressure of other organs. Back pain is common because of the extra weight, combined with the relaxing effects trudničkih hormones, which act on the softening of joints and ligaments. It is also likely to experience problems with sleep, broken capillaries and varicose veins.
There may be much more serious complications in pregnancy. According to some studies, miscarriage is more common, and vaginal bleeding - in part because both the placenta lies low in the uterus.
High blood pressure in pregnancy and preeklamsija are also more common in twin pregnancies and may mean that the babies have to be born earlier.

Preterm delivery is the most common risk twin pregnancy, probably caused by excessive stretching of the uterus. Four out of ten twin pregnancies (often with identical twins) is completed before the 37th birth week.

What is the birth of twins?
If you are carrying twins, it is likely that you will have previous delivery, and to average about 37th week. Twins are more sensitive after birth, mainly because of premature birth and weight - an average of two and a half pounds, which is a whole pound less than the average birth weight of a baby. In support of this is the fact that 40 percent of children from twin pregnancies, need special care after birth.
In any case, delivery will not be twice as long or twice as heavy. In fact, smaller size bebica it even easier. When the birth canal a stretch, the second child was born soon after the first. If both babies turned head down, you can take a normal vaginal delivery. Even when the second twin in breech position, it is possible to turn heads and bore down. However, if the first twin in breech position, it will probably be required delivery by Caesarean section. In fact, more than half of the twins were born by caesarean section. Some clinics still practiced birth of twins in the operating room.

How will the feeding of twins?
Whatever you decide on feeding twins, prepare to extract a lot of time! Is not easy to decide whether to breastfeed or formula feed. But it is important that you do not feel any pressure. In the early days, you may need to combine breastfeeding with formula, as you may need to create and stock your your breast milk. Probably the greatest argument for bottle-feeding is that you can always help someone. Also, you can know exactly how much the child ate. You can feed two babies simultaneously, but it's not the easiest job, and you probably time to do this separately. To save a little bit of time for the next 24 hours prepare formula in bottles and keep them refrigerated.

If the twins are able to eat as much as they always, produces is enough milk for both babies. In addition to being your milk healthier and cheaper, you can learn to feed them, so you'll be able to save time. Anyway, breastfeeding twins is a very demanding job. It may take weeks before they learn to perform as expected. You might initially have problems with sore nipples, lower back pain and fatigue.

Putting children at the breast within the first hour after birth can help in getting used to breastfeeding, but this is not the determining factor. Support staff, or someone with experience can be of great help.
When you get home, you need a routine. Otherwise, the days that you could turn into a prolonged meal. At first, it is easier for mothers to feed each baby separately but simultaneously feeding and how can i save you time.Some mothers keep a breast of a baby, or any new meal offering the second breast. The older twins often decide that they prefer the breast. 

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