Saturday, March 31, 2012

Exercise during pregnancy

RELAXATION. Under relaxation is understood a state of complete mental calm the conscious, ie. ease, relax all the muscles of the body. Most complete relaxation of the maternal rest and recover between contractions, and prepare for the next effort. The ability of voluntary muscle relaxation exercises is acquired, which consist of a sequence of contraction and relaxation of certain muscle groups, arms, trunk and legs. Such exercises are best performed in the supine position, with a pregnant woman lies on her back. In this position, all the body parts and the whole polusavijeni horizontal surface resting on a soft surface. The aim of these exercises is achieved when a pregnant woman currently manages eva relax all the muscles, thereby feeling as though her body has lost weight.

BREATHING. Proper breathing during childbirth provides a good supply of oxygen to the fetus and thus greatly helps to restore the power of mothers. No certain way of breathing during labor relieves pain, while retaining the skills of breath, accompanied by strong and continuous printing of 20-30 seconds, excellent help faster and more efficient delivery of the expulsion phase. In this way a woman manages to significantly reduce their efforts during a delivery. Normal breathing normally comprises 16 to 22 breaths per minute. Deep slow breathing it is kind of breathing practiced by pregnant women is applied to the onset of labor and time for rest between the two efforts. With this type of breathing teaches women or 9 breaths per minute. Rapid shallow breathing is useful for applications in the stronger labor, especially in the age of first birth, ie. the age spread of the mouth. Such breathing ensures a good supply of mothers and offspring, and thus, oxygen, and removes the possibility of painful contact and pressure of the diaphragm (diaphragm) to the bottom of the uterus.

Fast, dahtavo breathing is useful to apply during the transitional phase from the first stage of labor, at the time when the mouth is almost completely open and the stage begins when the printing and delivery. It is useful to rapidly maternal superficial breathing with occasional deep breaths. Breathing and holding breath type is breathing that is particularly useful at the time of displacement, ie. expulsion asleep. Maternal deep breath and hold your breath as long as possible, while simultaneously displacing abdominal muscles strong, especially as the hard stools, or better yet, as to force urination.

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