Friday, March 16, 2012

Everyone loves twins

All parents are heavily processed when they hear that they will get bilizance and not knowing what awaits them when they rode.Need a good organization and help others to be all work about two or more babies to be done. More babies automatically means twice the work and half sleep.


Twin pregnancy in some respects more risky and the mother and the baby, because in such pregnancies is given more attention and a visa to work examinations, particularly ultrasound. Most of these pregnancies go smoothly and end up healthy babies born.Twin pregnancy cover only one percent of all pregnancies, although it recently has become more of artificial insemination. Number of conceived twins is much higher than the number of births because of this pregnancy in many cases only one end in the birth of the baby and the other fetus before it disappears and develop (the so-called syndrome. Vanishing twins). Getting twins depends on and is it in your family were twins. 
Twins can be identical and fraternal jadnojajĨani. The former are very similar and always the same sex, emanated from embryos that were created by the union of one egg and one sperm. They have identical genes, which explains their similarity. Fraternal twins occur when during ovulation throw more than one egg and two sperm fertilize two eggs. In this case, the two resulting zygote, which have the same genes. Such twins are similar to all the children of the same parents, are just born at the same time.

Pregnant women carrying twins usually have more problems during the pregnancy than other pregnant women, which is certainly not applicable to the very labor that is complicated and requires more involvement of medical staff. How will the birth place of the position of both babies. In 45% of cases both babies heads are leading in this case, vaginal delivery can be successfully performed. In 35% of cases, a baby can be a lead head and the other butt. In this case a caesarean section will be done if the doctor fails to turn the second baby and child delivery depends on the expertise of the doctor. In about 20% of cases both babies are turned crosswise and then it is a caesarean section. In any case the labor was severe and last longer in twin pregnancy. 

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