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Diseases and unpleasant occurrence during pregnancy

All disturbances during pregnancy than those najbezazlenijih to those that seriously endanger the health of women, may, with the constant medical control to remove.
VOMITING. 50% of pregnant women vomiting in the first months of this condition, usually in the morning, while they are fasting, but by the end of the third month of pregnancy the discomfort stops by itself. In mild cases of vomiting of pregnant women should take more breakfast in bed and rest after a half hour to 1 hour. If you throw up during the day, some take less, but more frequent meals (every 2 hours). It should not take a lot of fluids. Some lie down after eating. A pregnant woman should not be forced to take food that she is not comfortable. Vomiting in the first months is almost a regular occurrence, and only if it stops in the fourth month, may still be a distinct sign of the diseased state. In severe cases of vomiting of pregnant women should stay in bed for several days and to restrict or suppress food intake and may seek medical attention. If the vomiting and nervous if they occur, and other disturbances psihoneurotične, recommended a pregnant woman aside from his old environment, assuming that poor folks working on the mother.

Headache and TOOTHACHE frequent occurrence in the bearing. Often, pregnant women to sue and impaired vision. In this case, it should be referred immediately to the doctor, because if the aid does not indicate the time, a woman may go blind. Teeth should be repaired.

Constipation is very common, especially in the beginning of pregnancy. Women must try to re-establish normal ponaj chair before a proper diet with plenty of fruit. It can help, and a glass of cold milk or water on an empty stomach. It is good to drink a glass of water in which the overnight melted well washed plums, and then eat the plums. It is a bowel movement at the same time.

Lower back pain is usually caused by altered posture. You need to wear suitable clothing and take calcium supplements, with vitamins B, for example. Calcevit.

Leg cramps disappear very quickly if the woman several times a day resting, if gently massaged her leg muscles and feet if heated water bottle.

Varicose veins are rare in the first pregnancy. You need more rest your legs in the raised position, wear elastic stockings and avoid standing for long stretches. In particular, care should be taken not injuring the vein complexes, because the bleeding from them is dangerous.

Difficulty in breathing are common in the second half of pregnancy. After birth these difficulties almost disappear. Avoid foods that nadimlje and to eat slowly, and hoses regularly emptied every day. In particular, it recommended moving to fresh air.

Bleeding can occur after fertilization, during the first and second periods of expected, but they are still weaker and of shorter duration. It shall be a sign that a woman went to the gynecologist's examination, so that it can establish a pregnancy in the first three months, there are times when a woman decides whether to continue or terminate a pregnancy, the legal path through his clinic for women. If a woman begins to bleed in the first quarter or the first weeks of pregnancy, the most common cause of spontaneous abortion or drift izvanmaternice. Less frequently it is called. cervical pregnancy, when the egg begins to develop in the cervix. In the last months of pregnancy, bleeding may originate from the placenta, which is wrongly placed, ie. the way in which labor has to pass a child. Bleeding at the end of pregnancy is usually caused by premature peeling normally placed placenta. These phenomena can be added and various other causes of bleeding unrelated to pregnancy, such as tumors, polyps most often, followed by erosion of varicose veins of sexual organs, etc.. , For which the bleeding is minor, but no less important. It is obvious that any bleeding should be a serious reason to talk to your doctor.

High blood pressure, greater than 140 mm (if before pregnancy was not elevated), may indicate a dangerous condition - preeclampsia. Definitely need medical control during the entire pregnancy. Given medications for sedation, and possibly to sleep, but most important is the physical and mental peace.

Lowered blood pressure is a rare occurrence, but in otherwise poor pregnant women, with drooping abdominal organs, blood pressure may fall to 100 mm, and below it. Such women are due to anemia feel weak and tired. An important physical and mental peace, abundant food with the addition of D-and E vitamins in considerable quantities, and if necessary, preparation of iron. If so, the situation will improve somewhat.

RENAL DISEASE pregnancy occurs with urination, and there may be swelling in the legs and high blood pressure. It is important to follow the instructions on liječnikovih diet, lots of rest and do not fret.

Preeclampsia is a condition that precedes severe, perhaps the worst disease in pregnancy, eclampsia. Women are beginning to feel glavobIju in the neck or forehead. Before her eyes flashing as seen in the fog. The abdomen feels pressure and pain sometimes accompanied by vomiting. Fingers are swollen, and eyelids. This could result in complete blindness, that the treatment may or may not be repaired. Blood pressure is high, the urine is a high percentage of protein, and expressed as swelling. Treatment can be performed only in hospitals. While not transferred to the hospital, pregnant women should be left in peace in a darkened room. Do not allow anything to disturb it. What is important is a strict diet: low in sodium and foods every day tablespoon of Epsom salts in the morning on an empty stomach (not baking soda). To protect against this unpleasant phenomenon, which can leave lasting effects, it is important that during the entire pregnancy is under the constant supervision of gynecologists.

Eclampsia is the most serious disease in pregnancy, childbirth and occurs sometimes after childbirth. Before the onset of seizures, the woman felt a strong headache, as already described (flickering before the eyes, nausea, possibly vomiting). When the first attack occurs, a person takes a stiff expression, and some of the muscles twitch. A person spasms, a pregnant woman faints, and his arms folded against the body and legs stiff. The skin is blijedomodra. It is followed by spasmodic twitches of the whole body, the woman in the bed throw to and fro. A woman completely flooded and not breathing. Sometimes it comes out bloody froth at the mouth because it might bite tongue. It seems to be dying, and then suddenly a deep sigh, he begins to breathe, and the blue face color gradually fades. When his senses, the woman could not remember what happened to her. The whole attack lasts one minute, in the most severe cases of ma takes three minutes. What are the causes of this serious disease, to date it is not known. It is known that usually occurs in the first pregnancy, that five or six times more often in women who carry two children or more, then it is known that eclampsia is more common in cities than in rural areas, and in a hot climate it is almost unknown. It seems to make a mental effort requirement in this disorder.The outcome is very unreliable. Life suffers 5 to 20% of women and 5% of survivors have consequences (interference in the kidneys, high blood pressure, vision problems). More defeating the percentages of child mortality. About 40% of the mire in the womb during an attack or because of abortion. If it is suspected that the eclampsia, the woman should be immediately transferred to hospital, and if this can be done immediately, it should be as carefully placed in a completely darkened room. During this time one of the household should be next to it with a spoon handle which is wrapped a gauze. This will push the patient's mouth as soon as you notice that the performance fit. This will prevent the patient writhing tongue bite. Unusually complete peace is important, because every little noise can trigger a new attack. As long as the woman is unconscious, do not laugh ej oj nothing evati poured into his mouth, because the liquid can easily enter the respiratory tube and the patient choke.

LIVER DISEASE. As in pregnancy, increased liver function, and disease can occur if the liver is further burdened and damaged (various medications, infections, etc.). The patient has a feeling of pressure in the abdomen and interfere with digestion. It invades the fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, and can sing States and jaundice. In mild cases, your doctor will recommend diet and certain medications, and severe refer to the hospital.

Diseases of bile. In pregnancy aches can occur under the right costal arch, originating from the bile. It has been shown that pregnancy is related to the formation of gallstones. No pain, not cause stones already formed, but only the gall bladder spasms. Seizures may occur after childbirth. In the simple case will be sufficient medicines and diet gall, the doctor will prescribe.

DIABETES MELLITUS worsens during pregnancy if the woman suffered before. Only rarely in pregnant women are diagnosed with diabetes. If you get sick, at the end of pregnancy (the last two months), this disease can completely disappear due to the effect of pancreas glands in childbirth or immediately thereafter again worsen.

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