Saturday, March 31, 2012

Determining the duration of pregnancy and probable date of birth

The duration of pregnancy and delivery date is determined by the date of the last period, the date when the woman first felt moving or asleep by date oplođujućeg intercourse.
If the date of last menstrual period deduct three months and add seven days, we get the expected date of childbirth.
For example, if the last period was 10th 6, delivery should take place 17th Third This account, however, valid only for women with regular menstruation.
If one knows the day of the first offspring of moving, delivery time is calculated so that the date for primiparous add to the four calendar months and 15 days and five months for the multiparous.
Multiparous feel asleep before moving, but after 4 calendar months of pregnancy, a primipara, who has no experience, 15 days later.

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