Saturday, March 31, 2012

Consequences of abortion

In the right freely to decide on having children, which was proclaimed as one of the rights of man to the principles set by the United Nations Organization (UNO), we must point out how we get the legalization of termination of unwanted pregnancy, ie. abortion.

Many women due to various medical and other such. Eugenic, the reasons have to break the desired pregnancy.Before the legalization of abortion many prejudices, moral, religious, patriarchal, ethical and social were so strong that sometimes some of these women are a necessary abortions fell into states of severe mental depression, became sexually cold, frigid, and be sued in a variety of psychosomatic disorders .

Today, the changes in our society, sex education, and more widely to inform the public about these issues, remarkably reduce these unwanted effects. There is no doubt also that women with the possibility of ending an unwanted pregnancy and even more so due to a wider choice of contraceptive methods, the relationship with your partner much more freely and spontaneously in the sexual experience, which reduces the number of sexual neuroses. These neuroses are especially common in women who live in constant fear of unwanted pregnancies and their experience is incomplete because depending on whether a partner is "stored".

There is no doubt that the moral and ethical, as well as purely medical point of view difficult to accept termination of pregnancy, ie. those above the 12th weeks, burdening the pregnant woman and her doctor.Undergo these procedures is almost always women who are medically uneducated and often quite uninformed.Such an abortion is allowed only for medical and eugenic reasons, and perform differently than described in the initial cases, early pregnancy. It should lead to various severe actions earlier delivery. The risks are far greater and more frequent complications, and adverse effects. Termination of unwanted pregnancy, no matter how expertly executed, can have harmful consequences for any injuries during the operation, subsequent inflammation of adnexa, which in turn can lead to ectopic pregnancy or infertility, as well as to subsequent spontaneous, recurrent spontaneous abortions.

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