Saturday, March 31, 2012

Complications at birth

Childbirth does not always run smoothly and normally, it is then necessary not only to help nurses, midwives and physicians and obstetricians, but the whole well-trained team, which technically well-equipped maternity ward can assist the mother and child in a contemporary way. Irregularities flow delivery could be summed up as the main complications. 
The uterus is inefficient mothers tight or too early to begin to shrink, too strong or too weak. The bony part of the birth canal is sometimes irregular, and it is a barrier, because it is impassable or hardly passable for the child's head. Therefore, complications can arise if the child is too big (especially above 5000 g weight) across or oblique to the uterus, a very large head (eg vodoglavica) or when it is in a wrong position in the birth canal (the case of breech births or legs).

Problems occur when the placenta during pregnancy develops irregular and insufficient or zatajivati ​​begins a series of functions of nutrition and proper child's oxygen supply. It is such a chronic or acute inadequate supply of oxygen in the child's birth can cause a child's risk status, and death. Poorly located placenta, so. placenta praevia, a child can be an obstacle in the way of delivery. Such a placenta during labor and can cause detachment of the most serious bleeding that without rapid intervention team of the hospital led to the death of the mother and child. There is often a necessary cesarean section.

If you pass over the pregnancy period, he may also "grow old" placenta and conceal some of their functions ama.It can also happen if the woman during pregnancy suffered from high blood pressure and severe disorder of the kidneys, or heart disease or diabetes. Complications in labor can easily arise in the case of twin pregnancy.Modern obstetrics aims to predict the time described the condition and prevent complications, and advance any danger to the health of the child and mother.

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