Monday, March 19, 2012

Coloring hair during pregnancy

When coloring hair, a small amount of paint can penetrate through your skin. However, it is considered that the color is not a danger, or that may harm the developing baby

Research conducted 2005th The suggested connection between hair dye use in pregnancy and the occurrence of childhood cancer neuroblastoma, however all other research and studies on the topic did not come to this conclusion. Most scholars claim that little is likely that use of a hair products such as paints, before or during pregnancy increase the risk of diseases such as tumors in childhood.

If you want to use hair dye during pregnancy, but you are concerned that this does not endanger the baby, U.S. Food and Drug Administration makes the following recommendations:

Use a canoe, which is mainly grown naturally.
Carefully follow the directions on the package.
Before applying the color first using patches allergic to check whether there is any reaction. Use the patches before each use.
Be sure to wear gloves when applying color to hair.
Do not leave the color on the hair for longer than recommended.
After using and applying color rinse thoroughly.
Never mix different hair coloring products, as this can potentially cause adverse reactions.
Never paint the eyebrows or eyelashes.
Some newer color of hair are produced based on vegetables. The products of this kind can have some drawbacks, such as the inability to drastically change your hair color or paint can quickly izblediti (unless it contains some of the same ingredients as the permanent color). However, these colors can be a good alternative for mothers who are concerned about the health of their babies.

Finally, if you are nonetheless still concerned about the safety of you and your child, leave the hair coloring for some other, later occasions!

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