Saturday, March 31, 2012

Changes in a woman's body during pregnancy

Almost all bodies of women in pregnancy and increased operating temperatures. The woman's body is reinforced by the construction, which always follows the enhanced degradation. The body of a woman should own razradne secretes substances, and also the matter of the child. Pregnancy is a burden for women. Therefore, constant monitoring is needed without becoming abnormal changes and diseases that could threaten the health-and mother and offspring.
At the beginning of pregnancy, the first three months, the body adapts to the "second state". Most women, even those that do not have any problems, or they lean body weight remained unchanged. In some of the salivary glands secrete saliva, a pregnant woman feel an aversion to certain foods, and some vomiting in the morning on an empty stomach. These disturbances are more frequent and more pronounced in the first pregnancy. Greater weight loss and vomiting, abnormal are stronger, and a medical examination.

After a period of adjustment to a different state, creating balance and starts to increase body weight of pregnant women. It is normal if you get pregnant during the entire pregnancy 10-12 kg. It is believed that the normal increase in body weight may not exceed a week more than a pound, that is. that in the last two months of pregnancy, women do not gain more than 2 kg per month.

ARISE WHERE THE BIGGEST CHANGES IN PREGNANCY. The largest changes occur in pregnancy on sexual organs - uterus becomes heavier and about 20 times. However, pregnancy does not cause changes in other organs. Under the action of hormones of pregnancy and the increased pressure of the uterus there is a certain inertia bowel, bladder and urethra. Pregnant women have irregular stools, disturbances in the form of imprisonment. At the beginning of pregnancy must urinate more frequently and later urination can be difficult.A pregnant woman needs more oxygen. Therefore difficult to submit to stay in the stuffy, cramped and smoky areas. At the end of pregnancy when the uterus increased pressure diaphragm upwards, reducing the volume of the chest. required amount of air gets pregnant by rapid breathing. During pregnancy it is recommended to stay outdoors in ventilated areas. The heart is substantially burdened because of the expanded network of blood vessels in the higher authorities and therefore increases. The blood vessels leak fluid easier. The veins on the legs during pregnancy because they are spread mlohavije the hormones of pregnancy and the increased pressure of the uterus. So after a long staj anja OTJ ecu feet in area potkolj wheat and ankles. This island lying after they disappeared.

IS THERE A PREGNANCY INCREASES BLOOD PRESSURE? Blood pressure in normal pregnancy does not increase above 140 mm of mercury. Due to changes in the blood is normal for an increased number of white blood cells and blood sedimentation. Besides the appearance of dark spots on skin care, skin whole body becomes a juicier, more intense, because large amounts of fluid in it. The altered taste, increased salivation, increased sense of smell, the consequences of the changes of the nervous system in pregnancy. Pregnancy changes the mental state of women.

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