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Breathing during pregnancy

Nowadays there are many different ways to reduce or eliminate the pain by breathing in some cases it seems unnecessary. However, many practicing breathing during pregnancy, can you use a lot.

Various breathing exercises can be useful at various stages of birth and they allow you to gain control of the entire situation, and in particular the second stage of labor breathing techniques you can literally help you be as productive contractions. However, the greatest gain that you will be applying the techniques of breathing is that this will help your baby still gets enough oxygen and you will prevent yourself feeling fatigue and dizziness.

Breathing in the onset of labor

During the initial stages of labor should focus on breathing slowly through your nose and exhale through the mouth during the contraction-will help if you count when you do this.
As you labor progresses and contractions become much stronger you can start using different breathing techniques to allow a sufficient supply of oxygen to your baby.

The active phase of breathing

How to start each contraction should continue breathing through your nose and exhale through your mouth as you did during the earlier stages. As the intensity grows you can start with a shallow, rapid breaths. When the contraction reached a point najvicevi will help you to inhale and exhale through your mouth as you gasp-every few breaths, you should have a deep breath. When the strength of contraction decreases should be repeated breathing deeply and evenly through your nose and exhale through the mouth.
This phase will be verobatno period during birth when you feel the urge to push but not yet sufficiently open-kneel and lean forward, resting his head on his hands, lift the buttocks, in this position twice briefly a long breath and exhale. In this way, make it difficult to reduce stress and feel a need for them.

The second phase of breathing

When the cervix is ​​fully open up and tell your doctor and midwife to start pushing through the contractions, you can use the following method of breathing to help you make contractions more effective.
As you drive the push comes from the contractions you should try to avoid holding the breath. Instead you should take a deep breath and slowly exhale as you push-will help you if you groan, you should focus on pushing the baby. After you have completely exhaled all the air, breathe a few times shortly after, when you start again felt the need to push, breathe deeply-nasatvite with this breathing until the contractions do not simmer down.
Exercising during pregnancy these breathing techniques, you will see that the moments when you need them to be applied automatically and therefore be much more use when your baby decides to come into this world.Whenever possible, you should practice these techniques, alone or with your partner so that you, if he is present at birth, may at any time to help if you lose control. Practice with your partner face to face, focusing on his eyes or mouth and hold hands tokim exercises.

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