Sunday, March 11, 2012

Body weight during pregnancy

In addition to caring for the baby's health, perhaps nothing captures the pregnant woman as weight gain during pregnancy. For generations, women were warned that excessive weight gain can be risky. The excuse was that excessive weight gain causes excessive growth of the baby, and in this case childbirth is dangerous and risky for both mother and baby. But such an interpretation was wrong.

What is the best weight gain in pregnancy?
It is a question that every pregnant woman asks. Doctors now advise women with normal weight gain of 12 to 16 pounds during the pregnancy. Most of the women and 20 weeks received about 5 pounds. The greatest weight gain performance in the second half of pregnancy.

And after the 33rd week, it might be a gain of 0.5 kg per week. If your pre-pregnancy weight was lower than normal, it is possible that you will be recommended and greater weight gain. However, if you are pregnant with overweight, your doctor will advise a small gain during pregnancy.

It should be noted that most of that weight gain during pregnancy is not fat, but a child's weight, amniotic fluid, placenta and increased fluid accumulated in the tissues of pregnant women.
Birth weight, but before it can greatly affect the health of babies and mothers. Studies have shown that women who have too much or too little weight are more likely to become ill during pregnancy, diabetes, high blood pressure or come to premature birth. There is a risk for babies that are born with heart disease or other health difficulties.
For the duration of pregnancy should not stick to diets because it can be harmful for both mother and child.

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