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The best means of transport for pregnant women

No matter what travel to selected destinations, please note that you will travel during pregnancy would be harder than usual.

Even if you feel well, if you are full of energy and positive thoughts to rest - do not overreach their capabilities. During the time that is most often what you get up, stretch, drink plenty of fluids and take small portions.


You have chosen PLANE

Do you resort to arrive more quickly than any other means.

Is it safe to travel by plane during pregnancy?
Yes, if your pregnancy is complicated by medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure ... or you can not at risk of premature birth. Otherwise, before you travel you need to consult your gynecologist. The most convenient to travel is the second quarter (from 14 to 27 weeks).

Is it safe to travel by plane during the third trimester?
If you do not have medical complications, you can travel by plane (conventional passenger aircraft) and 35weeks of pregnancy. After that, airlines generally do not allow it, because I do not want to risk that a child born in the "air".

How comfortable travel by plane?
Pregnant women living in developed countries - would not even occur to me to question the comfort of air travel. Unfortunately, in our situation is different. Depending on the airline that your travel agency has a contract, it is possible to travel a small plane - where the seats are pretty tight, so you can not even sit comfortably, let alone spring legs. If we are ruthless in front of you a traveler who has his seat back (despite your stomach and lack of space), you will have a problem. Therefore, the agency wish to emphasize that you provide such a place that no one is sitting in front of you. For each case, to repeat the flight attendant.

Special stockings
It is recommended that pregnant women on the plane wearing special socks - socks air (the air socks), which can prevent the creation of a potentially fatal blood clots caused by long sitting. This is particularly important when it comes to the long flight. In addition, it is important that during the summer as often as you get up and walk.

Documents - always with you
Whether you learn to wait almost a baby, or you give birth - always carry important documents: identity card, driving license, health card (be sure to have a medical and if you are heavily pregnant), perhaps with a notebook telephone and address of your closest doctor who takes your pregnancy ... Such data at some point may be of great importance, and to help in unpredicted situations.

You have selected the bus or train

Bus and train tickets are cheaper than air.

Is it safe to travel by bus or train?
If your pregnancy runs smoothly, there is no reason to fear. If you have any health problems, be sure to consult with your health care provider that you may not travel.

How comfortable is the way by bus or train?
Bus select for closer destinations along the way because you still have different needs than other travelers (often getting up, going to the toilet ...). If you decide to train, advise you to take a sleeping car, because you will be more comfortable nap later, stretch your legs, take a nap ... The train is certainly a better option than the bus - because you can get up to stretch and walk whenever you feel the need to. As it often happens that the temperature on the train and bus rapid change, the dress in layers - so if necessary you can take off or put on.

You have chosen SCHOOL

At any time you can stop, take a short break and then continue - when you see fit.

How comfortable travel by car?
Prolonged sitting in the same place that affects the feet swell and articles, or numb. Maintain circulation by every 90 minutes to pause the run. Get out of the car, walk, do some simple stretching exercises - rotate your feet, move a finger. It can not work and while driving. If you sit by the driver, adjust the seat to be comfortable, and if you're behind, the spring. If you are a driver, the usual posture - an upright with the spine and bowed legs - you can be uncomfortable. Move the seat back a little back, that would be left more space between the wheel and your stomach (not less than 10 inches). But, remember that you still have a good view of the road. If you feel pain in his back, put the seat back cover of woven wood pellets or solid small pillow.

Not sedajte the wheel:
- If your doctor is expressly prohibited
- If you feel sick (which can occur due to the smell of gasoline and exhaust fumes), dizziness, nervousness ...
- If the adverse weather conditions (rain, very hot ...)
- If you doubted the correctness of the vehicle (bad tires, the car is "off" ...)
- If you are unsure whether you have enough gasoline
Are pregnant women allowed to drive a car on long runs?
Recommendation for travel by any means of transport is - it is always someone next to you. The road itself is busy, so it is good to be with you someone who can at any moment to help you. As for driving, women have long fought for "a place on the road." It is believed to be reliable and careful drivers. But there is one period in his life: the magical nine months - when the future mother of his life and rhythm activities must adapt to new condition.This means that you must go by car if you have someone that you will occasionally replace the wheel.

How safe trip by car?
Whether you are a driver or passenger, driving a car should be comfortable, not at all risky. For example, if you are pregnant before putting the belt, it's time to change that habit. More attention should be paid to the maintenance of cars to be completely safe for you. To let your partner. Many future mothers are reluctant to use a seat belt because they are afraid it can harm their baby (some pregnant women have the sense to strip them "choking"). But to think in unexpected discomfort while driving. For example, the belt is a good hedge against possible sudden blow to the steering wheel when braking.

How do you while driving to be as comfortable with a seat belt?
The first place the belt under the chest, abdomen and the other below. The belt should be adjusted so that you do not pressure, but should not be hung, but to follow your figure.

Wherever you go, always be careful.

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