Saturday, March 31, 2012

Belly Dancing in Pregnancy

The benefits of dancing oriental dance in pregnancy:

Enhances proper :: bodily posture
:: Help maintain good physical shape
:: Improving awareness and control of the abdominal and pelvic muscles
Many movements easier :: back pain during pregnancy and childbirth
:: Improves balance and coordination
:: Fun and friendship through dance
:: Can help relieve digestive problems (constipation)

Precautions dancing oriental dance in pregnancy:

:: Avoid or take extra caution when movements involve bending your back backwards (back bands) and hold a neutral position of the pelvis (buttocks pushed below the spine)

Be aware :: weakened ligaments, especially in the pelvic area, so avoid harsh and quick changes of direction of motion, avoid hopping, avoid the hip twist and generally relieve all hip movements

Aware of their use :: lower abdominal and pelvic muscles, so you're ensured the stability and quality support when performing movement

Basic tips for exercising during pregnancy:

:: Track your heart rate and keep it below 140 beats per minute

:: Do not overheat - avoid exercising for pretoplih wet days, make sure you drink enough fluids

:: Avoid exercises that involve sharp, quick movements, breath holding or lying on their backs

:: Every practice should be preceded by warm-up and stretch to the end

:: Stop exercising if you feel pain, if bleeding occurs, fainting or in any way you feel unwell

:: Eat a small meal an hour before training

Avoid :: exercise in which there is a danger of falling or unpredictable contact with people or objects

Timed :: strenuous exercise for 15 to 20 minutes

:: Reduce the frequency of strenuous exercise at least four times a week

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