Friday, March 30, 2012

Belly after pregnancy

Most women after childbirth is expected to return in the form of the abdomen where it was before pregnancy.However, immediately after birth belly will not immediately be straight and tight. It should be noted that the expanding belly nine months, and that should take some time to return to the "initial" state. The uterus is pear shaped and weighs about 50 grams when a woman is not pregnant. During pregnancy the uterus increases in volume, and before the delivery reaches a weight of 1500 grams. Around the sixth month of pregnancy, the uterus reaches the belly button and the end of pregnancy can be up about 30 centimeters. 

After delivery the uterus muscles are starting to collect the uterus decreases.
The first few days the withdrawal of the uterus can be painful because the uterus spasms. As the uterus shrinks slowly to return to its original size, blood pathways through which the blood reached the placenta is reduced because it is no longer needed for their operation. Some women may appear more intense pain during breastfeeding because the hormone oxytocin, which affects the secretion of milk, also contributes to the muscles of the uterus. Often it is known to occur in abdominal contractions of the uterus tend to be much stronger after the second birth, because the uterine muscles must work harder job to return to the standard size.Ordinary everything falls into place after three weeks. 
After the birth, resulting discharge from the uterus, which is the first day of bleeding, and is still known as lochia.After a few days get dark color, and then again a light color. Lochia were present about two weeks after birth, but sometimes they can last longer. If you notice blood clots, or if the bleeding is increasing (it should be gradually reduced), or if the lochia strong odor, you need to go to your gynecologist for examination. To absorb lochia do not use tampons, but mesh pads, and the painkillers do not take aspirin because it can significantly increase the bleeding.

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