Sunday, March 11, 2012

Beautiful in pregnancy

Do not tell people for free for pregnant ladies to emit a specific beauty, but if we additionally take care of their looks, or the care of the body, you will be the most beautiful pregnant woman in the end.

Body care especially in pregnancy

The fact is that during pregnancy the breasts increase, so will need a bra for almost two numbers higher.

So, make sure that the chest should be well fastened so as not to hang and do not be uncomfortable. The skin around the nipple may appear tiny bumps, which are sebaceous glands that secrete sebum, a fatty medium.

As your pregnancy progresses, the nipple will be softened, a gentle massage can make them even more flexible and thus prepare them for breastfeeding.

Your nails are made of protein and they are already experiencing the hormonal changes the body. Usually in pregnancy nails grow birch, but it can happen to become brittle and easily breakable, and that is listed. If this happens to you, cutting board are quite short and regular nutritious creams anoint them, and while you wash dishes or do some rough work, wear gloves.

As the stomach is growing, or pregnancy progresses, so the skin stretches and becomes overstrain, and due to rapid weight gain may occur, and stretch marks on the chest and abdomen, on the tops of the thighs as thin red lines. By this point almost nothing you can do to prevent them, but if you keep the skin moist and if you regularly pay attention to weight, stretch marks will be virtually unnoticeable after pregnancy.

It is also important to regularly care for the skin, and how it was during this period a little oily, it would be nice to get a moist and nutritious, mild cream. As for makeup, do not worry, pregnant women are beautiful if you have only a gloss on the lips and a little mascara.

However, if the make-up, do not forget rule number one, make-up is removed regularly to facial skin could not breathe. However, what at that time can not give you any cosmetics that only Mother Nature, is the glow in his eyes, so enjoy the beauty of her pregnancy.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins can occur as a result pregnancy hormones or in advanced pregnancy because the product of pressure and hinders the flow of blood from the legs to the heart. Although not dangerous, can cause pain in the legs. In that case, avoid standing for long stretches and lift your feet whenever possible. Walking uses the bloodstream, and varicose veins disappear after childbirth.

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