Saturday, March 31, 2012

Apgar score - the state of the newborn at birth

The exceptional importance of the first minutes of life of the newborn, so it should be emphasized. What happens at the end of deliveries in the first minutes after birth can be determined for the very birth outcomes, and to further a child's life. It is therefore necessary fitness assessment in which the child was born first and fifth minutes after birth and sometimes even ten minutes.

In doing so it assesses the state of the heart, lungs, muscle, nerve reflexes, and skin color. If the normal beating heart of the newborn, the score "2" if they are too fast or slow "1", and if not present - "0". What is true of breathing, apply to tone muscles. Then the recorded reflexes to stimuli, and if they are weak, score a "0" if you see a face, then the score "1", if a child sneezes or coughs, the score "2". Eventually, evaluate color of the child.If it is pale or blue, score a "0" if the trunk and limbs pinkish blue, "1" if all the skin is pink, "2".

Now the sum of five and the final score obtained is called the sum. Apgarov index, the obstetrician who gets in the first minute after birth and then again in the fifth. If the ratings were the best, each "2", the ideal, the best possible score would be "10". It often happens that a newborn baby after giving birth the first breath usrkne plodnje little water, so it is necessary to apply the procedures in relation to resuscitation. In most cases, after the first procedure of its kind state of the child will quickly fix it and after five or ten minutes Apgarov index will be optimal.

The infant born with a bad row index Apgarov they require special, intensive nursing care, which is today a remarkably advanced the progress of Perinatology and anesthesiology, and mikropedijatrije procedures are often very sophisticated and extremely successful, which is close to 95% in cases of pregnancy by 1 3 . weeks receive "high-quality children" due to physical and mental conditions uu later development. It is necessary, however, children born with consecutive bad Apgarovim index later lead to a pediatrician regularly to control, to eliminate possible effects of birth defects. 

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