Sunday, March 11, 2012

10 questions about twins

Gemini always provoke curiosity and attention. Arm yourself with patience, because you will need many years to respond to a variety of ridiculous questions.

Wherever they occur, people are turning to them, want to touch ... Twins are used to the birth of a special status, which sometimes resembles the relationship that exists towards celebrities.

The ten most common, unfortunately, inevitable questions are:

First Are your children are twins?
Although the answer is often more than the obvious, this will always be a question that you first set up by unknown people. The question is completely harmless, but it would be nice if it would be the last. Unfortunately, it is the only way to begin a conversation and an introduction to the further questioning.

Second Are they identical or fraternal twins?
For some reason, strangers you meet have a need to classify your children in identical or fraternal. People know that there are two types of twins, but most of them have no idea what that actually means. If you are too kind, after a few minutes you realize that you are unwillingly interfered in the medical explanation that no one is interested because it goes beyond mere curiosity.

Third What is the older of the twins?
Why is it important to people? It is a difference of only a few minutes, which is totally irrelevant to the development of children. Many parents decide at an early age and do not communicate this information to the twins in order to avoid comparison and rivalry types: "I'm older, you have to listen to me."

4th Which of them is "the good"?
The question no one asks parents who have children of different ages. And why should it? Of course the child can not be perfect - neither good nor bad. You may be one of the twins at some point to act as anÄ‘elak than his brother or sister, but just wait five minutes ... role will be replaced.

5th Are there any twins in your family?
This is another seemingly innocuous question that most parents hate, not because science has failed to determine whether twins are hereditary. But do not be too annoying, because the person who asked you to - and probably does not want to hear the true explanation, only that you tell your family history Carrying twins.

6th How is it that their names do not rhyme?
Today, psychologists agree that it is extremely important to encourage individuality in twins, so it is good that children have names that are completely different. If your boys called Darko and Marko - everyone will be, and you happen to be wrong usually addressing. Of course, to your "torturers" do not know and are quite disappointed that at least the first letters of the names of your children are not the same.

7th How do you distinguish between them?
And this is one of the questions that people actually do not want to hear the answer. If your twins are identical, the curious will be much more interesting that, as in the game "find the differences", figure out what are the hidden signs of recognition.

8th Do you communicate your own language?
Research shows that twins, and other individuals who are extremely close, they can develop their own method of communication. However, we have included in this meaningless question, because people ask their parents while children are still in a wheelchair and unable to develop any form of communication, let alone own.

9th Do they always dress identically?
This is a very sensitive issue, because opinions are divided. Some parents like to dress in identical twins, but for many the thought of it an abomination. The same is true of children. However, many so called experts think that goes without saying that twins should have cloned clothes. But saying that clothes do not make the man, you should apply as for "ordinary" people, and for twins, right?

10th Did you get them "naturally"?
This issue is of recent date, which consists of two basic dilemmas curious - if you're going to artificial insemination and that you have given birth to twins by caesarean section? If you have always been extremely patient, there needs to draw a line. The question is very personal and no one but your family and selected friends should not be concerned.

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