Sunday, February 5, 2012

7 interesting facts about pregnancy

 The information that you may have skipped a doctor to give.
It is not said without reason that the pregnancy is another condition. Will grow in you, changing your body, but the heart and mind. Pregnancy brings with it a number of oddities that you may forget to mention doctors. See what are the interesting facts, so as not to surprise and scared at the moment when it happens.

1. Problems with incontinence

As recommended in pregnancy to drink more water, and the vaginal muscles to work with you to spread often happens to women that they leak a little urine when laughing or sneezing. Of course, no reason to care - the body just gets used, and the vaginal muscles will be spread over time, despite the better to contract.

2. Women Shine

Most women are pregnant when people say they know how to shine, which at one time believed that because they are happy with the pregnancy. However, women shine because their blood faster round the body and the circulation of the skin glows.

3. A stronger sense of smell and taste

Women in pregnancy markedly enhance the sense of smell and taste. Scientists say this is the reason that women should not eat something that is not good for her and the fetus. Women in pregnancy are often disgusted by coffee and cigarettes, because the body recognizes them as bad.

4. Contractions

And a few days after pregnancy, women may experience a contraction. Twitching is in fact the way the body prevents blood loss from the body.

5. Kilograms

Although the pregnancy often hear how a woman should eat for two, it's not even close to the truth. As a woman and child rest in perfect order - the mother should bring at least   300 calories a day, but of course, if the user wants it more. It is optimal to pregnant women put on 11 pounds.

6. Growth

The feet can grow for a number of pregnancy because the ligaments are relaxed, your body weight is higher, due to a buildup of water and swollen legs can. Do not be alarmed if you do not stand in your favorite shoes.

7. COUVADE syndrome

Pseoudopregnancy or COUVADE syndrome is when a man with a pregnant woman begins to gain weight and experience morning sickness and abdominal pain. Studies have shown that one in four men experience these symptoms, although this condition is not considered a disease, scientific "pregnant" Dad kept an eye on.

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