Sunday, February 5, 2012

5 tips on breastfeeding

Passion of the milk in the moments of greatest happiness.
As much as breastfeeding was natural, mothers, especially first time mother, it can be painful and traumatic. Most women say that if you survive the first few months later, everything goes smoothly. However, in order to ease the nursing moments, here are some tips.

1. Ready, set, breastfeeding

It is best to start breastfeeding an hour after birth when the baby is hungry and awaken.However, the dummy insert after a few days so as not to confuse the child because it is still getting used to the food gets to suck.

2. Blockage of breast

Since the beginning of breastfeeding, to the end - can lead to blockage of the channel that runs through the milk. When milk can not pass through the channels they know dairy is to create bumps that are extremely painful for the mother. Chest should be massaged, drink nettle tea, which stimulates milk production and of course see a doctor immediately to avoid major infection.

3. How much milk is enough?

Initially the body is not sure how much milk to produce, but will eventually be adapted to the needs of your baby. If you go the more milk from one breast, breast-feeding a little more to the other - to be leveled. Also - the rule is to breastfeed every two hours, but still - Smooth to a child.Keep in mind that the more you breastfeed, the child will ask for more food.

4. Food and Drink

When breastfeeding, it is important to have uniform food and drink about two to three liters of water or other liquids per day. Breastfeeding mothers should not descend below the level of 1800 calories per day. Although not necessary to change the diet rigorously, there are foods that may be best avoided. Dairy products cause sensitivity as well as eggs, tomatoes, cabbage, citrus, and seafood. Also, because digestion is better to avoid beans and coffee because caffeine is excreted in breast milk.

5. Position

Initially a child to breastfeed him follow his head, and you are seated. However, when you grow you can just keep your head you can relax in the supine position and set the child on the breast.This is a wonderful gentle sense of bonding between mother and child.

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